The Secret Homeschoolers Know About Education


Homeschooling has always been a very controversial subject. Many an expectant mom have been advised against this method, even before the baby has been born. The reasons range from those that say parents don’t know enough about subjects to teach their kids, to the fact that homeschooling is ‘just weird’.

People are, in fact, very passionate about how they feel when it comes to homeschooling kids. Choosing the right school for a child is on par with choosing their religious career. The political beliefs of a child will be formed in the school, and the career path will be forged from the education the child receives. Little wonder then, that public schools versus homeschools is such a controversial subject.

The main point of public schools over homeschooling has always been the curriculum, but thinking along a different path, you will see that the original purpose of public education was to provide a platform for the hordes of immigrant children to learn from. A place where they could reach a reasonable level of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Having some sort of education would enable them to be integrated into the American society. The idea was that they would all have a similar level of competency, when it came to the ‘three r’s’.

One hundred years later, we see that things have not changed all that much. The curriculum is still used to send students off in a particular career, and with particular viewpoints about religion, politics and economics. The only difference now is that the interpretation has altered.

Most families who homeschool their children are devout Christians, who started the homeschool tradition back when public schooling was in the post biblical era. During this time the Supreme Court ruled against prayer and bible reading in schools, and many parents decided that they would remove their children and teach them at home.

Through the years other sectors have followed suit, with many Jewish families opting to homeschool. Certainly in light of the recent elections, many people are now reconsidering the idea of homeschooling their kids. Another consideration which lends towards favouring homeschooling is simply the cost of education. Right now, with larger families, the expense may be almost too much to deal with.

The basic idea to homeschool is still that children are integrated into society, and is not forced to abide by rules regarding their religion, political ideas or culture. Homeschool steers away from areas such as clothing, interpersonal relationships, and curriculums which do not have guidance for basic moral guidance.

As one Jewish lady very aptly put it – ‘Who do you want standing under the Chuppah beside your child? Now, work backwards and decide which education method, and which friends will suit this’ .

While academic subjects are an essential part of any child’s education, there comes a time when what really matters is not the subjects they took at school, but how they have formed their own individual identity and career, based on their own choices.

Source: PJ Media