First-time mum reveals her unusual trick for a pain-free childbirth


THE prospect of giving birth seems daunting for any soon-to-be mum, but this Australian mother claims that the surprising secret to her painless child birth was all in her mind – hypnosis.

Eva credits her hypnotist husband Mark Stephens on reducing 80 per cent of her discomfort during labour – by teaching her to “relax”.

Mark Stephens and his wife Eva spoke to the Today show about their unusual method. Speaking on Australia’s Today show, the couple claimed that most pain comes from “your mental state”, and that by focusing on Eva’s breathing, she eased the pain of child birth.

Her husband says that: “It’s more of a meditation, so women can learn to meditate through the feelings and the pain.”

While in labour, Mark claims that if women can “change the feeling of contraction into a wave”, and breathe heavily in between each ‘wave’, then the pain will subside.

He says this also helps them to be prepared mentally for the baby.

Child birth may be a daunting concept, but Mark insists that his calming methods reduce pain. Eva credits her husband’s methods for reducing 80 per cent of the pain from giving birth to her son Lumiere. Using this method, Eva described her final contraction in a very unusual way.

She said: “I would call a tsunami, which my son learned to ride into the world, so we really loved that experience.”

Mark explains that his hypnotic processes gets your body into a state where it can produce serotonin and endorphins, which are chemicals associated with happiness in the brain.

He adds that “endorphins are a form of natural morphine in the body,” and that by releasing them, Eva said that it “pretty much gets rid of the fear that you have with the birth.”

When asked to what extent Eva would estimate it can reduce pain, she confidently answered 8 out of 10 – a significant amount for any nervous new mum.

However, Mark does still warn new mothers that “your doctor is the professional in the room,” and that you shouldn’t simply rely on hypnosis.

So, would you trust his methods?