Chocoholic Mum Losses An Amazing Eight Stone By Eating Nothing But…Chocolate


Kerrie Kidman had ballooned to a size 24, gorging on family slabs of chocolate , chocolate milkshakes and chocolate ice creams.

The 28-year-old mother of two had failed every diet going, thanks to her addiction. But now the self-confessed chocoholic, who once weighed 17st 12lb, has lost EIGHT stone thanks to eating nothing but her favourite food.

The married supermarket worker, who’s now a size 8, says she has never looked or felt better – and it’s all thanks to chocolate.

She says: “It’s a dream come true, isn’t it, to lose weight without giving up the food you love most?

“I still can’t believe I’ve finally done it. Diets always failed because of my sweet tooth, so this plan was perfect for me.”

Kerrie has shed an amazing eight stone (Image: Jeremy Durkin)
Kerrie, from Saffron Waldon, Essex, had been overweight since childhood and bullied at school because of her size.

The bullying meant she tried to lose weight and was a size 12 when she met husband Ian, a taxi driver, when she was 18.

That year she gave birth to their first child, son Preslee, now nine, but by that time was a size 16. When daughter Rihanna, now six, came along three years later, she had crept up to a size 18.

But treating herself to giant bags of chocolate meant her weight was soon spiralling. And as a busy mum she was relying more and more on convenience food and takeaways.

KIerrie’s weight spiralled because of her chocolate addiction (Image: Jeremy Durkin)
She says: “It was hard finding something we all liked. It was just easier and quicker to pop a pizza in the oven or buy some burgers. I knew I was getting bigger, but I was in denial.”

Kerrie continued to binge on chocolate. And any attempts to lose weight always failed because she simply could not give it up.

“I don’t drink or smoke – chocolate is my only vice and I just love it,” she says. “I looked forward to it so much that without it I was miserable, so my diets never lasted.”

Concerned family urged her to lose weight when she reached a size 22, but Kerrie continued to ignore the issue.

Even when she got out of breath while walking, she kept making excuses. “I’d blame it on it being humid, anything but me being fat.”

Kerrie used to eat huge slabs of chocolate (Image: Getty Images)
But the supermarket assistant couldn’t ignore her weight when she had to ask for a bigger uniform.

She says: “It was humiliating having to admit that my size 22 trousers were too small and ask my supervisor to order me a bigger size.”

Last year, her weight peaked at 17st 12lbs. By then she was up to a shocking size 30.

The family would spent their summer holidays in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, but Kerrie had always made excuses not to go on any of the rides at the Pleasure Beach.

But in August last year her son Preslee was desperate for his mum to ride a new kids’ coaster with him while daughter Rihanna rode with dad Ian.